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Harry Potter Adult Fanfiction

Rated R and NC 17

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Harry Potter Adult Fanfiction

x . All lj users above 13 and 14 welcome. Warning: contains rated R and NC 17 fanfiction and is intended for adult readers . x

please note that the community isn't 100% complete yet and is pretty much memberless. I've been nagging at a few users to get their asses joined but hopefully we'll have it up and running in no time =D

1.It's up to you to post fanfiction here or not. It is not required of you to do so, if you suck at writing and your just here to read thats fine. BUT. You will not join this community JUST to be a member. You will be a pleasent little active member won't you now? =D If I found that you have been quite dead to this community then you will be kicked out and thats all there is to it ^_^

2.Second of all, lets keep the arguing and rude gestures to ourselves. We all have our days but if you like to pick a fight with everything that moves then your out of here to =D I don't mind the bad language but other users (even though this is an Adult Fanfiction Community) might be offended by it. So keep your evil vocabulary small and save it for the fanfiction.

3.Lets not flame any fanfiction posted in the community. Critical comments are allowed but just to be on the safe side, keep it pleasent. We don't like offending people here =D

4.This is an ADULT fanfiction community. That should give you a hint. I've already givin you enough warning so please no complaining and you have ever right not to join or read. Just making that point clear ;)

Rules are boring so that's it for now =D Maybe more will be posted later but in the mean time I'm focusing on geting the community up and running =D